• Microcar M.Go 3 Highland

  • M.GO-3's introduction is a significant milestone in the history of licence free cars introduced some 30 years ago in France.

    M.GO-3 is the worlds first lightweight small saloon 4 seat car weighing under 400kg. combined with the interior space of a Mini and with a 505cc fuel injection engine capable of 72mph and over 60mpg.

    The new range is fitted with the latest fuel injection Lombardini 505cc-petrol engine with considerably improved performance, economy and refinement with anti dive suspension and larger disc brakes all round. The suspension and dynamic handling is truly excellent with great safety margins in place.

    The interior has been radically changed and enlarged, the front seats are individually shaped with independent squab reclines. The electronics are new with slimline harness and digital instruments incorporating exterior temperature reading.

    The body design has been considerably strengthened by use of alloy subframes and rigid panel bonding. The design is led by a great desire for occupant safety and the extruded alloy section robot jigged frame has immense torsional rigidity permitting a truly dynamic chassis with superb suspension and handling characteristics.

    Key Features
    Performance max speed 70 mph 0-50 12 seconds* fuel 65 mpg estimated*
    Weight unladen 397kg
    Fuel injected petrol multi point Lombardini /Renault system 21 bhp governed 5400 rpm
    All wheel disc brakes with front anti dive suspension
    Full body formed ABS
    Alloy centre frame with great rigidity
    Wide door entry low sill hatch door two or four seat models
    Rack & pinion steering with MacPherson struts
    CVT Comex transmission
    Alloys - 155/60/14 tyres